Crazy Cream

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This cream is an all natural body/face lotion that has been prayed over and energetically enhanced with healing energy and Grace Blessings.The Creator, Erica Rock spent time in silence conversing with no one except the Divine Presence within. She received a gift:, to initiate the enlightenment process with just a touch and resolve issues without work.Grace can be infused into anything.Art, music, body care products, food, water etc.Erica lovingly makes these creams with the intention of healing for all those that put it onto their body.Erica makes no claims about this, she can only share the stories from those that have used it and what the results have been.At the least, you will be using a product that was made with love, is natural and your skin will be soft and hydrated.Beyond that, be open to a miracle.Grace is raining down upon us all the time, be open to receiving a gift of Grace when you use "crazy cream"!

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